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Best Foods to Eat Pre and Post Workout

Proper Nutrition is ImportantJust as you wouldn’t expect your car to run if it doesn’t have fuel, your body won’t be able to perform well if it doesn’t have proper nutrients. Before you work out, I recommend that you eat something with protein and carbs. I drink a protein shake before and after a workout.

The Importance of Nutrition

Again, nutrition is the fuel that powers the body. The muscles are active so that’s why you eat – to build muscle. Eating before a workout gives you the power and energy to get through your regimen. Your muscles deplete the protein and carbs during the workout and you want to replenish those stores afterward.

Why Chiropractic Is Critical

Chiropractic helps to keep your nervous system aligned. The power going through the muscles lets your muscles fully work. Nutrition helps build the muscles, providing the fuel for your body. It’s just a continuous circle. Think of it kind of like the spokes on a wheel. If you take one of the spokes off, and you’re only doing nutrition with lifting or doing lifting with chiropractic, you’re not going to work as well as when you have all three performing together.

If you’d like more information about powering up your workout with proper nutrition, contact our office today!

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