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Auto Accident Care in South Philadelphia

man in car accidentEven in a small fender bender, the energy of the collision is absorbed by your body. You might think to yourself, ‘’It’s not that bad.” But if it’s enough to damage a bumper, let alone bend steel, it’s enough to cause devastating effects on your health.

Relieving Pain with Chiropractic

Sometimes, it can take days, weeks or months for the pain to set in, often due to the adrenaline that kicks in after an accident. As time passes, you’ll start to feel aches and discomfort from the injury to your muscles and ligaments, and whiplash is common. Your body tries to build up scar tissue to deal with the trauma, and this scar tissue can cause pain for years to come after your accident.

South Philadelphia Chiropractor, Dr. Sacco is trained to reduce any scar tissue buildup and get your body to function properly again. Chiropractic adjustments help your body to heal naturally, without the use of medications that only cover up your symptoms without addressing the cause of pain.

Get Back to Feeling Great

We work with all major auto insurance coverages, and health insurance including Aetna®, United Healthcare® and Highmark® Blue Cross Blue Shield are accepted. Schedule your appointment today!


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